Carrying all its activities, complying with the applicable laws and legislations in the countries, which it operates, within the scope of BELDA principles,

To do the necessary to respond to the Contractor’s expectations at the maximum level and to provide high quality product or service to the Contractor,

To prepare required social and work environment to improve knowledge and motivation of employees, By adapting technical infrastructure to developing technologies, to establish a system, accessing information fast, by ensuring that personnel gets training that they will require about these developments, to establish human resources who are happy in business life with high performance,

To improve integrated management system and to ensure its continuity, By ensuring efficiency of quality system, to improve productivity of work;

– To decrease our costs and to reflect this to our customers,

– To improve our profitability and to reflect this to our company investors and employees,

By taking required measures during planning and executing works, to decrease effects that will damage environment to minimum, to create efficient environmental awareness, to continue works to prevent environmental pollution and to improve continuously,

To determine possible risk factors, which would cause accidents, for occupational health and safety of employees, by taking all required measures to prevent or minimize sources of danger, to ensure that corrective actions are taken to avoid those and to improve occupational health and safety performance of the company continuously.